Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Language - Sprache - ランゲージ - ภาษา - لغة - Bahasa

Assalamualaikuma and hye.

People's interests are easy to change.
Let's ponder on the map, the map of the world.

Demo kokoro no naka subete wo totemo sutei kirenai

Look at east, west, north and south.
There are many boundaries; the borders and the ocean itself.
Within the borders, there are people, people who speak the same language although they are having some kind of different groups or races. Well, they share the same land and they are under the same flag.

Emphasizing about the languages.
In some places, even one line border could make a big different between the languages for the side-by-side countries.
For example; between Thai language and Malay language, Yeah.

That's why. it made me thinks that if we pore every countries on the map over and try to detect what kind of language they speak and try to learn it, it would be like 'wow!!!'

Of course, fortunately this lead to TOK (Theory of Knowledge).
To what extent does the languages would be differed from one country to another nearby countries?
What make those languages different from each others? would be more terrific if we could identify the mother language where, where the language originated from.

German and Persian, their languages are been said resembles with Arabic.
And I got to know that English also resembles with Germany.
A few of Arabic words also can be detect in Japanese like Anata which means you. In Arabic would be Anta. Actually I only know that one resemblance only but then, I am sure that there would be several more.

However, the thing here is, it must be having some kind of relations, I am sure of that.

People's interests are easy to change.
Why did I say that?
Well, I fall in love in Germany language now.
Now, 1 more language is added in my mind.
There are many...many languages that I wish I would be able to communicate in.