Monday, April 6, 2015

Kalau nak cari suami...

Ustaz cakap kalau nak cari suami, cari yang selalu pi masjid.

Saya kata, kalu nak cari suami, pergi masjid sahaja tak cukup, kene cari yang berjaya tunai tanggungjawab dan sentiasa tunai tanggungjawabnya.

Diri saya yang lain cakap, nak cari suami (yang baik), diri sendiri kene baik dahulu, tunaikan tanggungjawab dulu, baru yang baik tu datang.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Do tell your inner-self and friends' that...

Try to practice coordinating your brain with simple thing like...
  • writing with your right hand if you are a left handed person and vice versa.
  • drawing or sketching anime or something complex neatly and improve your sketch.
  • keep up your finger with the correct keys on piano midi applications,
  • learn new languages and pronounced them correctly.
  • playing strategical game like chess board, etc.

By doing these, you will able to train your mind to do something that you are limited at...
and if you are able to do these in the right pace or correct ways, you are most probably successful in controlling the coordination in your brain.

To be more brilliant, if you use all of these improvement in your brain, you can apply it your daily life, let say in your academic. Your brain will able to figure out faster on what you are trying to solve in mathematics because your mind will be able to link one thing with another thing that you have learnt before.

Do aware that this is long term effect.

Do try it, =D

Human brains are great.
Be grateful on what you have. *wink
Do treasure it!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kamu perlu GPS bila...

Kalau anda tidak mahu hukum Islam sebagai panduan hidup,
...ibaratnya kamu tidak perlu GPS untuk pergi ke satu destinasi yang kamu tak tahu jalannya.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Status of Monday and Tuesday

I dislike this...!!
My current mood is like...🏭🏭🏭🏭🏭🏭😨😫😭

Waking up in Monday... it does make me sick. It is not because it is the day where another hectic week start to attack us.

It is because.... we will be having military lesson!! I don't like the current syllabus!!

2 days in a week.  2 hours in a day!!  Oh nein!!!

To be more miserable..  I have to bear with this for another 7 weeks.  So sad maaa..


The best I can do is praying.. and focus in that class So that at least, I will got reminded about how the true value of human being really is.

Wanna cry..

It's all about responsibility.

Heart is something hard to be taken care of...and of course the heart is something easy to get ripped off and also to get plastered on.
You feel happy  about things happened to you,but sometimes it is bad for you.
For example the praises. You may like them but they might be the simplest thing in get yourself doomed.

the matter here is you have to get controlled over yourself. Based on what? What shall be your guidance? 

The truth?

What that truth is?

Want to know?

Think... think.. look around... and think again.. and ask from someone that is pious and experts


Friday, March 20, 2015

I am not a truly good Muslim until...

*please be awared that this list as a whole is not in any Hadis or al-Quran. I made this list based on what I have learnt in Islam(from Al-Quran and sunnah, learning from authorized experts),  my experiences, my conscience, and common sense.
...we are not truly true Muslims...
... ALWAYS eager to find the truth and knowledge... for quality in Ibadah rather than quantity...
...take efforts in gaining something...
...take efforts in fighting against nafs and bad deeds...
...tawakkal to Allah before, during, and after doing efforts...
...sincere in doing something good...
...prioritize parents rather than your friends...
...aware that this world is temporary and akhirat is eternal... our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves... efforts to get rid off the grudge, envy, arrogant,  and ignorance towards brothers and sisters... grateful on everything that we have...
...make efforts to not being judgmental...
...try to do sunnah Rasulullah on every deed...
...try to understand every single meaning of recited du'a and al-Quran as well and make efforts to embrace it...
...think and think and do the efforts.
Always trying, always gaining.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Laughing Out Loud

In this world,  there's a kind of people who love to laugh and giggle even over the small matters. For example, they are laughing just because the others are doing So without even knowing what the reason is.
How people react towards such person?
Feeling annoyed ? Sympathy?
Well, as for me yes it is kinda annoying.
You do not have to giggle just because persons next to you are laughing. It shows that you are a kind of person that cannot control your own thinking and maybe your life. Your mind is not truly organized. You do things just because the others do it and you don't know why you had done it. Your habit and action reflect your own image,and your thinking. It does show people that you're someone who are always try to not hurt others, indecisive kind and maybe naive.
What to do... from this subconscious little thing, you should properly control your action. Most important, you must have the clear reason of why you would do that. Aim for improvement in your actions and your would not be perfect but for sure you will be improved. The others are just like you in many ways. Always control on how you react over something.
Remember...the 90/10 principle. The 90 percent of your life is how you react over the things happened to you. Yes.
Well, thank you.
Wish you happy day and truth day.