Thursday, October 9, 2014

When Negative Charge meets Postivie Charge

Ok, satu ayat apabila seseorang tu dah lama tinggalkan website dia;

blog dah berhabuk..


Never mind, as usual, mengikut sejarah hidup aku, once kesedihan or something bad melanda, this is the place that I tend to pour everything. 

Well, I will be starting my new life in a new educational institution, and eventually I will attend my longing-for course which was used to be my dream. From biology major, to physic major. After all, before this, all scholarships that I had applied were in engineering course except for this one- I chose the general course which is Science course...und I was fated to be in that Science course.

BUT, now....
the path has changed...
and it turned back to be the course that once I, with full of determination, tried to apply for.
is that grammar ok?

But I believe, this new path of mine would be better, and there are many things that can be learnt, so many weh. 
...and of course, at the new place I can 'blog' more.

'Nichts tut fur immer weh"