Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Point of View : Self-capture

Assalamualaikum and hye....

Selca is a very common thing in kpop world and I just new this Selca word last year despite loving kpop thing long time ago since 2010. I used to be a kpopper, though. used to be.
I admit, selca picture in kpop mostly are cute. Usually, the celebrities who made selca are not wearing make up. Thus, it is the natural beauty shown. Fans love it.

Mmmm..but, the commoner also do the same thing.
I wonder what the thing that causes people to selca.
When I see people in Selca pic, I would say 'oh..owkeyh'
You know what I meant? Keep calm and think

To be honest, me myself sometimes do the selca
Reasons :
1. No option, there is no mirror nearby, thus, selca is the best thing
2. To see how my appearance looks sama jer yg kat ats ni
3. To gain confident hwihwi

Seriously, I am afraid to upload selca pic of myself..feeling insecure.
I am at least, upload pic with two person ; me with the other.
But, sometimes, I did upload pic with my self in it only. In such formal way,though.

I believe that you who read this may be is/are in my shoes

From my observation, the other reasons of Selca-ing (then upload) are :
1. Show-off beauty
2. Gain attention
3. To show to your family, friends how the way you are on that time (duduk jauh-jauh)
4. Boring
5. Just to make you who are selca-ing to be happy
6. Hobby, maybe

You know, we can read people by looking at their writing..the picture they are posting.
I love to observe and analyse things! Love it. #Psychology

But, actually, sometimes selca with that kind of ducky face, blowing cheeks are annoying.
...and then, some of you, them, upload yourself selca pic with unrelated caption. It's still could be accepted if you post it once or twice. Not if you always do that though. MAPOTI. That's what Ryan said. What Mapoti? Keep Calm and Think...

I love candid picture! Sometimes, formal picture too.
Candid picture look natural..look like you are full of thoughts, having dreams (but not certain pics)

Yeah, I am afraid to upload myself pic on internet..feeling insecure..but I try to post one haha.

Guys, maybe there are other reasons why selca is very popular. Give me some..
I think, the hallyu wave is one of the reasons too. What do you think? The idols made that gesture, you would like to that too, aight?

Also, I am boring with 'peace' gesture. I think  it's better to change to the other gesture, aight!!?

Oh..what Selca means....?

Keep Calm and Think

it is

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ketupat Rendang 1434H's : Sahabat

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Bangun dari tidur, aku dah set kan yang aku akan beraya ngan kengkawan kejap lagi.
Alhamdulillah...perjalanan hari ni berjalan lancar...memang dah bergambar sakan lah aku ngan geng tadi. Tadi here means hari raya ke lima yang lalu.
Time hari raya keempat..Ain dtg umah ak ngan family..hehe cam cam kitorang borak..orang tu, orang ni, negara tu, negara ni haha.
And what the most valuable thing is her mom said I look more thin!!!! Weeeehhh...please, sila makan lagi dan lagi wahai Nadhrah-san.

candid, I said

gaya peace jak selalunya..boriinggg! #lainkalilah kita tukaq

nur pada muka

I love mini curry puff aka karipap

ya, cari duit lam tu, then letak lam beg yg sebelah tu hehe

ok...make up everybody pliss!!

nampak tak cam sipu-sipu malu je ak time ni..heh..

ni bukan time memandu, so tidak mengapa untuk

budak ni selalu minat spongebob..
dah la target aku first2, nak tunjuk mug spongebob dia..
nampak sangat aku satu kepala ngan die *kantoi

peace no war...!! INVICTUS! *tetibe


one direction!


wanita melayu terakhir, they said

rupanya yg belakang tu buat cam2 gaya..huh

Last pic, maybe (for that day lah)
Maaf zahir dan batin guys....thank for that duit raye..
Boleh buat beli barang2 I..

Ni pun tak sempat nak raya semua rumah kengkawan...sorry
Cikgu2 pun,huhu..Sorry again (mngkin dpt duit raya haha...tak ar)
Rakan sebaya pun ramai yg balik awal...x pe Raya 1435 nanti, kita buat hal ni plak..hehe :3

Mmmm..walaupun 4 orang jer gathering..actually tiap-tiap kawan aku ni, ada la perubahan masing-masing setelah sekian lama tak berjumpa.
I did the reflections too. myself, there is a litlle bit paradigm..paradigm? O,o

...and bila time dah besar ni pun, time raya umah kengkawan, tak rasa pun nak duit raya..apa yg kita nak ialah ikatan tu, bonding tu. Moga semakin kuat amiiin
Tapi kalu relative, bagi duit raya, memang heaven la haha #Seriously

Tapi duit raya tahun ni memang dah smakin sikit..huhu..dah kurang dah relatives yg bagi duit raya kat aku huhu...but, thanks though..duit banyak2 tak boleh bawak mati! #positiveway

k. wassalam

Fikir nak beraya dah aku bikin,
Rasa mini karipap memang super,
Aku ucapkan maaf zahir dan batin,
I could see Maiya is a good driver.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ketupat Rendang 1434H ; Keluarga Bahagia

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

Selamat hari raya, semua...maafkan aku atas segala kesilapanku.
Maaf zahir dan syaaa Allah, aku pun memaafkan =)

So, apa kisah ketupat rendang tahun 2013 ni?
Menarik la jugak. Ketupat dah habis time raya kedua lagi...hanya tinggal rendangnya sahaja yang kini menjadi lauk weh.

Keluarga aku yang banyak beraya...(boleh dikira dengan jari setakat ni, berapa org yang dah datang rumahku)

Raya pertama...beraya dekat Kg Pulau Manis je..yang hanya lebih kurag 20 kilometer dari Gong Badak.
Walaupun rumah sama yang kitorang lawat tiap2 tahun.....tapi, aku peduli apa! Raya je...! Makanan tak sama pun, though...
aku mendambakan nasi minyak lauk ayam masak merah tu, tapi tak der yang buat time aku beraya kat kampung tu, huhu.
Tapi, yang paling penting, kitorang semakin rapat dengan saudara-mara yang selama ni duk asyik menghadap buku jer, paling tidak, bersosial dalam laman sesawang jer. ;)

Raya kedua...kita balik kampung tau, yang lagi jauh..Thailand????
Tak ar...Kelantan jer..Pasir Mas and then Rantau Panjang yang memang dekat ngan Sungai Golok...
Korang boleh duk kat tebing Sg Golok, and then jerit ucap Selamat Hari Raya kat masyarakat negara jiran yang beragama Islam di seberang nun. #Betapa. But, well, I was not doing that.

Now, is the 3rd day of Syawal...tomorrow and tomorrow, in shaaa Allah, there will be more stories regarding this raya thing..

Salam Lebaran semua!!!

p/s : more Raya pics on relative's instagram and Facebook!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unavailable - already taken

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..

One of my resolutions in coming to this college was, I would like to have a nickname ; Nadal, since in my former school, people called me that!

Hmmm...however, unfortunately, there are two other girls whose names are resembles to mine in M13A.
One of them has a nickname which was very similar to mine except for without L at the end of the name.

So, people there just call me Nad or Nadhrah. I was giving in because there are no other options.
Pengorbanan...they said...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

M13A is not a weapon

Assalamualaikum and hye..

One of the interesting things about M13A is ; there are only 2 guys out of 15 students. Actually, the ratio of the male to female ratio for our batch is about equal but then, our class is little bit weird.

The first day of class, where the first mentor-mentee session was held, yes, there were two guys and nine girls which is giving 11 in total.
However, when the second class, I saw 3 guys and 14 girls.
 The both male students on the first class were not among those three, though. They changed somewhere in KMB without ice-breaking. Huh.
On that tomorrow, a girl from our class changed to the other class, means 16 students left in M13A.
We still could bear on it until one of the guys followed her step, changing to the other difference class.
This meant that....[the first statement of this post].

When you read those lines up there, I believe, your brain is working, aight...unless you are not sincere in this reading. #myTheory

So, what is the relation to the weapon thing? [title of the post]
The first thought that lingered in my cerebrum whenever I heard this class name was weapon. Hahaha..please laugh!
Our thought show our mentality and personality aight..? This means, I am just like a warrior which is capable in handling a weapon....and serious, I would like to have an arc and arrows to shoot with precision and accuracy on the board! ....with someone picture on it..heh.
Say 'I am great' (a motivational compliment for yourself )if you are the same thought with me regarding the class's name!


I hope..this class will be a ship...
a ship which is sailing to the whole world,
and keep following the flow despite the presence of pirates or icebergs or whatever
until we could see the land of success, the destinations.

In shaaa Allah all of us will be bounded to ~

New Zealand

p/s : if the class rep would be the captain in my analogy....what a secretary could be, then? O,o
Kinda blur
p/s : tomorrow is 1st Syawal of 1434H which means, I am hoping for the capability for us to have days in Ramadhan of 1435H's.

Wassalam =D
Salam Lebaran...maaf Zahir dan Batin 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Things in my Cerebrum and Cerebellum 1#

Assalamualaikum and hye...

Writing these things, in the midnight, while people are sleeping soundly, could only hear the fan's sound, the keyboard's and also no E keypad on my keyboard...??? Also, accompanied by unfinished math homework...erk..

Mmm...what to say.
My first step into that Kolej Mara...I could organise my mindset, encouraging myself, motivated myself to change to better person with high confident, could make many friends with my true-self and of course, live up to my own-moderate expectations. Yeah...everything happened smoothly at the early. 1 until 2 week maybe.

On the orientations days, I believed that I had made the good 'first impressions' to the others.
So did with the first class. I tried to speak a lot with loud voice. Maybe, in front of the others, I was such a confident person. (on that time)

I even could make friends easily...until paranoia struck me. Oh no, I had been stricken!
Something happened for reasons. I know...

(To be continued)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Having no privacy anymore

Assalamualaikum...and good night...k...gotta go to sleep..dada!


Have you ever see a guy, tiptoeing while holding a bag which is written numbers on it? Oh, he is covering his eyes. Clothes? White and blue strip!

There he is!

You know for the last 4 years, I had been spending my times with But is said that Malware Ahead and Google chrome has blocked people who are going to access this page(myself is included). The question is who is Malware? Is it that guy?

It is stated that Malware might be Viruses attack or maybe spyware(Someone want to gather my information/hack). But in my case, I think it is related to viruses since is involved too. The virus came from that site, then!!! Kiaaahh!! Maybe from picture that I had copied and I cannot detect what picture is it. Think that it might be related to kpop things, huh.~ My assumption.

So, I decided to dis-private this site. Yeay! Substitute that ahoyy-something site with this site. ICEBREAKING!
That is the history. Eventually, this private site is becoming non-private or public site. Not private anymore.
Above of all, I have to start it all over again. Can you see the point of the reason here? Something happened for reasons right? Therefore, I want to say that this occasion is just like I-am-falling-but-then-getting-up-again! Yeah. Just start it again. Be the better person. Be my true-self. Be our true-self. Ehek!

Waih...please start posting better articles on the next times, Nadhrah~!
Try to change the others' perceptions, behaviours and so on. Be the trendsetter!

Ok...go to the bed story-telling, you all!
Please do recite al-Mulk before sleep.
May you will be blessed, in shaa Allah!

Wassalam... =D