Friday, February 6, 2015

Go away, dear you darn dirty heart!

within this self..there are battles!
...The faith,
the good consciences,
bad consciences,
the nafs,
the egoism...fighting each other, against their opposite kind!

And the result, this body has come to the tiredness..

..until to the extent that I tend to say: I quit!


I cant quit!
...for the sake of hereafter life...I cant quit.

*sigh *sigh

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

Dear self, sorry for sighing...sigh means you are little bit giving up.
Dont go that way.

Dear people...
Be nice to the others.
You are who you are.
Don't follow the way the others' laugh
Don't follow the way the others' talk.
You have your own special style that is only can be concealed by the precious you!
Be who you are

Your heart..yes, there must be some pain in your heart.
I wanna emptiness is also can be a pain.
Sometimes you  laugh and giggle..but, in your heart you dont feel the happiness. You feel the emptiness.


One of the must be something to do with your heart.
Maybe you have hurt someone
Maybe you have done something wrong
Maybe you prioritize the things that you shouldn't
Maybe you have some kind of jealousy, arrogant and ignorance in your heart.

And until then, you will ask yourself this and that...
and to some extent...when you discover the reasons of your emptiness,
your inner-self are fighting against each other...making you feel like you wanna have bow and arrow and shoot a target...hwaaarrggh!

Well, keep the battle going on..until the righteous one in your inner-self will win.
Keep up your hamasah;..
...and pray to Allah.


...and keep mingling with the kind attitude people

yes? anybody call me?

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