Friday, March 27, 2015

Do tell your inner-self and friends' that...

Try to practice coordinating your brain with simple thing like...
  • writing with your right hand if you are a left handed person and vice versa.
  • drawing or sketching anime or something complex neatly and improve your sketch.
  • keep up your finger with the correct keys on piano midi applications,
  • learn new languages and pronounced them correctly.
  • playing strategical game like chess board, etc.

By doing these, you will able to train your mind to do something that you are limited at...
and if you are able to do these in the right pace or correct ways, you are most probably successful in controlling the coordination in your brain.

To be more brilliant, if you use all of these improvement in your brain, you can apply it your daily life, let say in your academic. Your brain will able to figure out faster on what you are trying to solve in mathematics because your mind will be able to link one thing with another thing that you have learnt before.

Do aware that this is long term effect.

Do try it, =D

Human brains are great.
Be grateful on what you have. *wink
Do treasure it!

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