Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Laughing Out Loud

In this world,  there's a kind of people who love to laugh and giggle even over the small matters. For example, they are laughing just because the others are doing So without even knowing what the reason is.
How people react towards such person?
Feeling annoyed ? Sympathy?
Well, as for me yes it is kinda annoying.
You do not have to giggle just because persons next to you are laughing. It shows that you are a kind of person that cannot control your own thinking and maybe your life. Your mind is not truly organized. You do things just because the others do it and you don't know why you had done it. Your habit and action reflect your own image,and your thinking. It does show people that you're someone who are always try to not hurt others, indecisive kind and maybe naive.
What to do... from this subconscious little thing, you should properly control your action. Most important, you must have the clear reason of why you would do that. Aim for improvement in your actions and your would not be perfect but for sure you will be improved. The others are just like you in many ways. Always control on how you react over something.
Remember...the 90/10 principle. The 90 percent of your life is how you react over the things happened to you. Yes.
Well, thank you.
Wish you happy day and truth day.

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