Saturday, August 3, 2013

Having no privacy anymore

Assalamualaikum...and good night...k...gotta go to sleep..dada!


Have you ever see a guy, tiptoeing while holding a bag which is written numbers on it? Oh, he is covering his eyes. Clothes? White and blue strip!

There he is!

You know for the last 4 years, I had been spending my times with But is said that Malware Ahead and Google chrome has blocked people who are going to access this page(myself is included). The question is who is Malware? Is it that guy?

It is stated that Malware might be Viruses attack or maybe spyware(Someone want to gather my information/hack). But in my case, I think it is related to viruses since is involved too. The virus came from that site, then!!! Kiaaahh!! Maybe from picture that I had copied and I cannot detect what picture is it. Think that it might be related to kpop things, huh.~ My assumption.

So, I decided to dis-private this site. Yeay! Substitute that ahoyy-something site with this site. ICEBREAKING!
That is the history. Eventually, this private site is becoming non-private or public site. Not private anymore.
Above of all, I have to start it all over again. Can you see the point of the reason here? Something happened for reasons right? Therefore, I want to say that this occasion is just like I-am-falling-but-then-getting-up-again! Yeah. Just start it again. Be the better person. Be my true-self. Be our true-self. Ehek!

Waih...please start posting better articles on the next times, Nadhrah~!
Try to change the others' perceptions, behaviours and so on. Be the trendsetter!

Ok...go to the bed story-telling, you all!
Please do recite al-Mulk before sleep.
May you will be blessed, in shaa Allah!

Wassalam... =D

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