Monday, August 5, 2013

Things in my Cerebrum and Cerebellum 1#

Assalamualaikum and hye...

Writing these things, in the midnight, while people are sleeping soundly, could only hear the fan's sound, the keyboard's and also no E keypad on my keyboard...??? Also, accompanied by unfinished math homework...erk..

Mmm...what to say.
My first step into that Kolej Mara...I could organise my mindset, encouraging myself, motivated myself to change to better person with high confident, could make many friends with my true-self and of course, live up to my own-moderate expectations. Yeah...everything happened smoothly at the early. 1 until 2 week maybe.

On the orientations days, I believed that I had made the good 'first impressions' to the others.
So did with the first class. I tried to speak a lot with loud voice. Maybe, in front of the others, I was such a confident person. (on that time)

I even could make friends easily...until paranoia struck me. Oh no, I had been stricken!
Something happened for reasons. I know...

(To be continued)

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