Wednesday, August 7, 2013

M13A is not a weapon

Assalamualaikum and hye..

One of the interesting things about M13A is ; there are only 2 guys out of 15 students. Actually, the ratio of the male to female ratio for our batch is about equal but then, our class is little bit weird.

The first day of class, where the first mentor-mentee session was held, yes, there were two guys and nine girls which is giving 11 in total.
However, when the second class, I saw 3 guys and 14 girls.
 The both male students on the first class were not among those three, though. They changed somewhere in KMB without ice-breaking. Huh.
On that tomorrow, a girl from our class changed to the other class, means 16 students left in M13A.
We still could bear on it until one of the guys followed her step, changing to the other difference class.
This meant that....[the first statement of this post].

When you read those lines up there, I believe, your brain is working, aight...unless you are not sincere in this reading. #myTheory

So, what is the relation to the weapon thing? [title of the post]
The first thought that lingered in my cerebrum whenever I heard this class name was weapon. Hahaha..please laugh!
Our thought show our mentality and personality aight..? This means, I am just like a warrior which is capable in handling a weapon....and serious, I would like to have an arc and arrows to shoot with precision and accuracy on the board! ....with someone picture on it..heh.
Say 'I am great' (a motivational compliment for yourself )if you are the same thought with me regarding the class's name!


I hope..this class will be a ship...
a ship which is sailing to the whole world,
and keep following the flow despite the presence of pirates or icebergs or whatever
until we could see the land of success, the destinations.

In shaaa Allah all of us will be bounded to ~

New Zealand

p/s : if the class rep would be the captain in my analogy....what a secretary could be, then? O,o
Kinda blur
p/s : tomorrow is 1st Syawal of 1434H which means, I am hoping for the capability for us to have days in Ramadhan of 1435H's.

Wassalam =D
Salam Lebaran...maaf Zahir dan Batin 

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