Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Point of View : Self-capture

Assalamualaikum and hye....

Selca is a very common thing in kpop world and I just new this Selca word last year despite loving kpop thing long time ago since 2010. I used to be a kpopper, though. used to be.
I admit, selca picture in kpop mostly are cute. Usually, the celebrities who made selca are not wearing make up. Thus, it is the natural beauty shown. Fans love it.

Mmmm..but, the commoner also do the same thing.
I wonder what the thing that causes people to selca.
When I see people in Selca pic, I would say 'oh..owkeyh'
You know what I meant? Keep calm and think

To be honest, me myself sometimes do the selca
Reasons :
1. No option, there is no mirror nearby, thus, selca is the best thing
2. To see how my appearance looks sama jer yg kat ats ni
3. To gain confident hwihwi

Seriously, I am afraid to upload selca pic of myself..feeling insecure.
I am at least, upload pic with two person ; me with the other.
But, sometimes, I did upload pic with my self in it only. In such formal way,though.

I believe that you who read this may be is/are in my shoes

From my observation, the other reasons of Selca-ing (then upload) are :
1. Show-off beauty
2. Gain attention
3. To show to your family, friends how the way you are on that time (duduk jauh-jauh)
4. Boring
5. Just to make you who are selca-ing to be happy
6. Hobby, maybe

You know, we can read people by looking at their writing..the picture they are posting.
I love to observe and analyse things! Love it. #Psychology

But, actually, sometimes selca with that kind of ducky face, blowing cheeks are annoying.
...and then, some of you, them, upload yourself selca pic with unrelated caption. It's still could be accepted if you post it once or twice. Not if you always do that though. MAPOTI. That's what Ryan said. What Mapoti? Keep Calm and Think...

I love candid picture! Sometimes, formal picture too.
Candid picture look natural..look like you are full of thoughts, having dreams (but not certain pics)

Yeah, I am afraid to upload myself pic on internet..feeling insecure..but I try to post one haha.

Guys, maybe there are other reasons why selca is very popular. Give me some..
I think, the hallyu wave is one of the reasons too. What do you think? The idols made that gesture, you would like to that too, aight?

Also, I am boring with 'peace' gesture. I think  it's better to change to the other gesture, aight!!?

Oh..what Selca means....?

Keep Calm and Think

it is

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  1. selca is one of the ways to be overly confident... like me. i love selca okay? hoho


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