Monday, December 2, 2013

Apa itu "BERJIMBA"

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...
Alhamdulillah, aku dapat menulis kat blog ni sekali lagi.

Can you define, what is JIMBA or berjimba? Define it with your understanding.
As for me, it;s just like; having the fun. 
Ape citer? well. Budak homesick...time exam, ada jugak fikir sal nak balik umah cepat-cepat!! After exam sem 1,  which is now, we are doing TOK. I am at Mizah's.
We would say "berjimba kat rumah Mizah!!!" then.

It's kinda tiring, because we had JPAM camp before TOK 'holiday'. I was set in my mind that when do things, they must be done with enthusiasm! I tried. That's why aku cuba juga menggulung paip bomba tu. Ada sebahagian daripada kitorang yang cam tak nak buat. Tali jugak aku....erkkk,..bolehla. 
The most happy time in JPAM was our FOXTROT is the winner for the SHOW!

I was playing as an ignorant people, having stress with people in KTM. However, I dunno whether that part of mine played big role for that show to win...haha lol.

Mizah is driving...gonna actually

Sab and phone is Samsung Ace plus

Staying at Mizah's house is great, especially when it comes to food...!!! Hehe.
Seee??? How 'berjimba' are we???? TOK would be tomorrow err..

K...stop here...waAllua'lam...

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