Sunday, December 29, 2013

Do listen to the others, even though they are not best friend of yours!!!

When the idea come, it's nice to be written down....before it is forgotten.

Hye, Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.
I am hoping you all are having an another nice good day.
Can you count, how many times you sneeze today?
Say Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, the Almighty Creator...then.

"Do not try to make me impress on you because I always see the awesomeness in you"

What is prejudice?
Let make it easy and is just like having judgment or bias to someone or things, and it can be related to discrimination.

I do not know whether are there still people who not judgmental to the others these days.
When the judgmental start, the discrimination is started as well (although when there are some who pretends that they are not)

Usually when there are certain things that we do not like or something which do not met our taste, we tend to be judgmental to those who have them.

For example; to those who believe that Muslims are terrorist, they will be prejudice to any Muslim they met even though that Muslim is totally not a terrorist. (Above all, Muslims are not even terrorist).

Even for some Muslims, some of them are prejudice to those who do not practice what Islam has taught.
It is wrong to do that, we have to befriended with that kind of people, and use some appropriate ways to bring them towards the right path. Not all people can be taught with serious lecture. Advice must be given to them after heart-to-heart talk.

 There were many times, I gave my opinions to my colleague or my schoolmate. It was such a pain to have my opinion to be rejected whilst the others who spoke the same idea as mine were accepted.
It did get on my nerves. However, it was hard for me to mad at them. I just keep those turbulence of angers in my heart.

It does made me think that they are prejudice on me. I do not know what is the cause.
It is terrible for me because from those incidents, I 'learnt' that I have to be quiet whenever there are discussions. What I need to do is just nod and if I am disagree, I just have to keep it 'save' in this body.

I is totally wrong. I do not need to nod and agree in everything. Instead, I have to stand up the right things. Yea, we are not always right but then, if we see or know something that is wrong, we have to, we have to (because it is our responsible) to change it!

In Islam, there is no difference in people...people are all the same. What make people different is our level of Iman towards the Almighty.

To not let the others discriminate, we ourselves has to diminish those discrimination thoughts. Do treat people equally. However, when it comes to Ajnabi relationship, syariat must be totally considered.

Also, we have to be ourselves, which means we are confident in what we are doing. Always brave to do something that you are capable with. It is a great opportunity that you are capable in doing certain things, so grab the chance to do it confidently.

I am sure that there are some people out there who are trying hard to make people impress to him or her.
Maybe she or he wants to destroy the underestimation of people towards him or her...
or maybe to make people treat him or her equally with others..or
to show to the world that he or she is awesome people.

In other words, he or she is not being her/himself.
Friends, do pour your true self....

  • laugh the way like you laugh with your siblings (certain occasion only),
  • Say 'no' (in such appropriate ways) to things that you are really not disagree.
  • Doctrine yourself  'It is my responsible to do the right things and it is such a relief to pour those out!' - replace 'right things' like 'giving lecture', etc.
  • Always happy in doing anything...say Alhamdulillah!
  • Doctrine yourself that you have to go on living no matter what happen. let bygone be gone! 
  • Do the best in present (now).
  • Always read book or watch movies that could trigger our 'motivation valve in our vessel'. (I recommend you to learn about Umar al-Khattab and Muhammad al-Fateh)

"Do not try to make me impress on you because I always see the awesomeness in you"
That was what I  meant.

It is better to be unrecognized by people.

Use what you have(Your ability/talent) to get HIS love....HIS redha...


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