Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My place doesn't have fireworks to celebrate the birth of figure 2 0 1 4

Lol..I love that yellow one! haha
 To celebrate new year, it is no need to be in the crowd, and screaming out loud whenever it comes to the 12 seconds of countdown towards 1 Jan of 2014. It is worthless. Hehe. Sorry guys.

Why Muslims in my country and in some others highlight the new year of Gregorian calendar more rather than Hijrah's one? Uuuu...are us being doctrined?

Even myself always do forgot Hijriah calendar.

That is why I decided to be always stick onto my planner. That is one of my resolutions. That terrific planner have Hijriah calendar! May us always remember our 1435 Hijriah calendar! In shaaa Allah.

As a student, I wish I would prepare first by doing some poring-over study before going to the class.
It is terrible to struggle in the last-minute and have very leisure time at the beginning. Erk. I did that on previous time and I got 'misery'. (metaphor) Also, having study last-minute means that we are doing that because to get high score. It's wrong because it brings insincerity.
Try to be sincere in doing anything good! Then, we would be always calm. No stress. I want that, absolutely, indeed, yeah *nod

Yeah, talking about sincerity, we must be enthusiast in doing anything.
I got a friend. She always got that enthusiasm whenever she doing something...
I am impressed and wishing for that kind of attitude too. *envy mood
Thus, I have to be enthusiast too, so that the things would be end perfectly(most)!

I have more...but there once is a quote:

Demo kokoro no naka subete wo totemo tsutaekirenai!

Not everything in my heart, I could tell you =]

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