Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Video Editting Software [review]



Have you ever eager to make beautiful video, but on your computer, there is only Window Movie Maker as the option? errk.

But then, if you are truly a critical thinker, you might be able to produced such terrific video despite of using Window Movie Maker aka WMM.

I used to make video by using

Window Movie Maker
Cyberlink Power Director
Movavi Video Editor

Window Movie Maker doesnt have so much effect options and those effects cannot have the alteration except for the time duration. The same goes with its transitions.

This WMM is the first sweetheart I used in video making. The first video was Only Human, the theme song of 1 Litre of tears. I trimmed  videos from drama of 1 litre of tears and made it with Only Human song. If you are going to make such fan vid, maybe the simple one, you can just use WMM. So do with slide shows.

Cyberlink Power Director is quite awesome. More features! It has effect which can be layered on the video. Also,  videos can be mixed together, side by side. This programme also could be used in the subtitle making.
The efffect like zoom could be altered, more than duration setting!

iMovie? Awesome! It is a default programme in apple Mac. Available for iOS only...urghh.
I thought, this programme is just like WMM since it is the default one.
But then, I realised, this one is being used by Ryan Higa in video making.
The effects much!
Those who tends to make terrific video, I recommend you use this video editting software.
We could use the leakage effect in this programme. My favorite effect.
This programme, I vote for 5 stars...

Movavi is the programme which just like iMovie but then, it is for windows OS. Dont expect the features would be the same with iMovie.  This programme has less feauture, compared to iMovie.
I am using that now.  It is quite awesome.
But then, I have to increase the computer RAM.

Adobe after effect is the most awesome. But, I never used that software. eh.
Berat! your best in making any works!

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